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JoelDan Ryan Builders joined ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition when they built a brand new home for Matthew and Blasia Drumm and their three sons. Joel Rensberger was the central driving figure in organizing and managing the project. Check it out!

Part 1 Behind the Scenes – Extreme Makeover Home Edition


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What Our Clients are Saying…

We would like to recommend C.E. Rensberger & Family, L.L.C.as a quality home  builder. We have known Joel Rensberger, of C.E. Rensberger & Family, L.L.C., for the past 18 months while he has acted as the home  builder for our new home. The actual  construction phase of our home began September of 2012, but Joel was consulting during the last phases of the architectural work. He was also involved in the required land development changes prior to construction starting.

Throughout the building process we have found that Joel’s enthusiasm for our project was different than the other  builders we had spoken with. The combination of Joel’s past work experience and breadth of knowledge played a huge role in convincing us to contract with C.E. Rensberger. His passion for home building truly shines through when related topics come up in conversation.

We have been consistently impressed with Joel’s industry knowledge and construction experience. His contacts and industry partners have allowed him to find reputable contractors to complete the necessary tasks well within projected parameters. We found that Joel’s costs estimates have been on the mark and a large portion of the time he is able to leverage his resources to reduce those costs even more. The overall project is largely on-budget and is projected to remain on-budget for the remainder of construction.

C.E. Rensberger’s time and task management has allowed the project to stay on schedule since  breaking ground.This is especially impressive considering that this has been a very rainy/moist fall. The coordination of different contractors has been seamless, allowing for minimal delays in the construction time line.

C.E. Rensberger’s operations management has been accurate and thorough. The communications are timely, and we are kept well informed on the progress of construction. Joel has responded positively towards any of our concerns, and has worked  diligently to make any necessary adjustments. Joel’s guidance, suggestions, and attention to detail  have been instrumental in seeing this project through to completion.

Overall  we have had a wonderful experience with C.E. Rensbenger as our custom home builder. We have, and continue to recommend C.E. Rensberger & Family, L.L.C. to anyone looking to build a home. Please feel free to contact us if you need any further information.

—Brandon & Erica Jaworski 4/10/2013


We have contracted with Joel Rensberger for several large projects. He is always open to working with my project budget and candid about what we are able to do.  The jobs are almost always done on time, the quality is superb. He finishes on budget as well.  One of the things we like most is the ideas Mr. Rensberger brings to us to help make a project go smoother or be even better than we imagined. He is a wealth of knowledge and always willing to talk over whatever is on our minds.  He is candid and fun to work with.  We recommend Joel!!

—Rich Levine


I am happy to recommend Joel Rensberger and his work crew to anyone. They have done a lot of work for us and we are always so pleased with the finished product that we hire Joel again. His work has been good quality and he has always helped us keep within our budget. Joel has built us a deck, built a pergola over our patio, remodeled a bathroom and a half-bathroom and built an entirely new bathroom. When we have a new project, we will call Joel again.

—Linda Thomas


Earlier this summer, we began the arduous process of finishing our enormous 1600 square foot basement. We made appointments with several different contractors in an effort to obtain estimates for the job. Two of the contractors simply did not show up and then made no attempt to re-schedule and/or inform us that they weren’t coming. The two other contractors provided estimates that were severely overpriced. Ultimately, we reached out to a fifth contractor who was interested, but didn’t perform work in our geographic area. This contractor did take the time to refer us to Joel at C.E. Rensberger Builders. Along with his referral came an excellent reference for the company.

We reached out to Joel and he promptly set up an appointment to look at the basement and prepare a job estimate. At the first meeting, Joel was on time and very personable. His knowledge and understanding of the building code was readily apparent as we showed him around. In addition to discussing what we wanted done, we asked for Joel’s professional opinion on several different points related to the job.

Several days later, Joel returned to our home with a well-crafted estimate and explained it as we walked around the basement. Not only was the estimate meticulous and all-encompassing, but the cost was very competitive. We accepted the estimate and Joel immediately got to work. He kept us apprised as to each step of the project, gave us advanced notice on the delivery of materials, and always made sure that we knew which members of his crew were coming; when they would arrive and what they would be working on. Joel kept to the deadlines that were written in the contract and if there were any issues along the way, promptly notified us in order to keep us up-to-date on the progress. Joel also came by to check on each stage of the project to ensure that everything had been done to perfection and with the utmost attention to detail.

Despite the enormity of the project, Joel took it on without hesitation and did a superb job of completing it ahead of schedule and to our complete satisfaction. We are quite pleased to have been referred to the C.E. Rensberger Builders Company. Joel has earned our trust & our business for life. It is our pleasure to unequivocally recommend C.E. Rensberger Builders for any forthcoming home improvement or building projects.

—Dan & Katie Friz


We have both always wanted to build a home.  We spent a long time trying to find the right town, the right school district, the right neighborhood, the right lot, the right BUILDER.  We had heard our fair share of horror stories about builders, and were determined we weren’t going to be one of them.

We met with a few builders, looked at different spec houses.  One night, we drove past a C.E. Rensberger Builder sign and decided to look them up.  After a long career of being in the building industry, he had recently left his job with one of the largest builders on the east coast to start his own company.  We figured this wasn’t ideal, but worth looking into. BEST. DECISION. EVER. Seriously.

We first met Joel in one of the houses that he had under construction.  He was very personable, genuine, and was excited to potentially work with us.

We asked lots of questions, “Can we do this?”  “What about that?”  “How does this work?”  “What do you think about this?”

He gave lots of answers, suggestions, and valuable insight.  We left knowing this guy was absolutely the one we wanted building our house.  He was excited to take our ideas and add them to his already existing plan.  He wasn’t caught up in what ‘the options’ were or trying to keep us inside the box.  We got the feeling he genuinely wanted to build us a home, not just throw together a house.  He said, “That sounds like fun! Let’s do it!”, with a very large smile on his face.  This was a breath of fresh air compared to some of the other builders we had met with.  We weren’t just another client, we were people; a valued customer.

Fast forward a few months, after many emails, the changes, the last minute changes (sorry Joel), the questions, and the theoretical discussions; here we are.  We’re in a home we could have only dreamed about being in a year ago, and we LOVE it.  We got an amazing semi­-custom home ­- on-­time and under-­budget – ­and didn’t have to sell one of the kids to do it 😉

Would we do it again?  YES.  Would/have we recommended anyone we can think of to build with him?  YES.  We got everything we wanted and more.  There is nothing more we could have asked for from a builder…. and we asked for a LOT.
We HIGHLY recommend C.E. Rensberger to anyone who is looking to build more than just a house.  Amazing experience.  Quality work.  Quality Builder!

Thank you guys for dealing with this indecisive, change-­order-­loving, tree hugging, DIY’ing, couple.

—Jon & Tabetha Klein


We bought our home through Liz Burrow who represents C.E. Rensberger homes.  It was a great experience dealing with her.  If anyone is looking to have a home built or is looking for a new home I HIGHLY recommend taking a look at what C.E. Rensberger builds!  No other home builder within Lake Linganore comes close to the quality of his homes and Joel, the Owner, was AWESOME to work with!

—Steve Parks


When we first met Joel we had a big dream and a piece of graph paper; Joel and his team made our crazy ideas reality.  Even when we were first married we always dreamed of building a home together but we truly did not think it possible and Joel Rensberger and Builders created a house beyond our expectations.  I think one of the things we have been most impressed with is the true custom build of our home.  Many builders say they are custom but when actual selection time comes, you are limited by their suppliers, etc… Joel told us that we could pick anything in our home and he was true to his word.  Everyone associated with Joel (Jim, contractors, etc…) are all amazing and wonderful people who care deeply about their job and are passionate about home building.   The integrity Joel and Jim bring to their projects is evident in every place you look and they have built our home as if it was their own.  We have been so impressed with the craftsmanship and work ethic of CE Rensberger Builders and thank you so much for the time you have spent making our family’s home!

—Jed & Leah Spencer


“We met Joel Rensberger and Liz Burrow at an event in Lake Linganore about 1 1/2 years ago. After interviewing several Builder and Contractor candidates we decided that Joel and Liz were the way to go. They seemed honest, versatile, accommodating and reasonable. Our instincts proved us correct this time, after living in my beautiful new custom home for 9 months, I am completely satisfied. Joel and Liz walked us through the entire home building process and made our experience pleasant, enjoyable, and a great value.

Additionally, any and every concern my wife and I had was addressed and resolved promptly. Needless to say, I would highly recommend this team to everyone. They are the good ones and they are still out there!”

– Mike and Mary Lorfing